Thursday, July 29, 2010

A true fish story

Bosco and Riley get irritated when they hear "experts" who proclaim that animals do not have emotions. They are pleased that Jane Goodall has shown evidence to refute that notion when it comes to chimps. Bosco and Riley have evidence to prove that not only do chimps have emotions, but so do dogs and fish.

A few years ago, Bosco and Riley were witnesses to an amazing interaction between fish in the pond where they live. Unbeknownst to them, one day one of the local herons had paid a dinner visit to the pond. By the time Bosco and Riley managed to slip a slide their way out of the house and through the doggie door, the heron had thrown the largest koi out of the pond onto the grass. She looked dead when she was found a while later. She was thrown back in the water with slim hope of revival. She sank to the bottom. Her best fish friend saw her lying there on her side not moving. Her friend swam under her, lifted her off the bottom and worked to keep her off of her side. He stayed by her side constantly making sure she did not lie sideways or sink. After a while the fish began to weakly move her fins. Her friend continued to stay with her. When food was thrown in the pond her friend lifted her to the surface where the food floated. Everyday her friend stayed by her side. Gradually she regained strength and no longer sank or turned sideways. This may be a fish story but it's true. Bosco and Riley were astounded. They never thought that fish could show that level of attachment and intelligence.

Riley began to wonder if Bosco would help her the same way the fish had helped his friend. Bosco looked at her with annoyance. First of all, he said, you hate going in the water. Second I get wet only when they force me to take a bath. So your question is ridiculous.