Tuesday, July 27, 2010

IFs ands and butts

It had been along time since Bosco and Riley had taken a vacation. They were very excited because they love road trips. One of their favorite people was taking them to Tucson for the week.

Being in Tucson was very exciting. They got to meet new people who had heard all about them. They got to smell new smells of the other inhabitants of the area. Their host made sure that they were taken on plenty of walks and got to sleep wherever they wanted in her house. They were having such a good vacation when out of the blue Bosco told Riley that they would probably have to end their vacation the next day. He told her she would probably get tired of hanging around a place that wasn't home. Riley tilted her head and looked at Bosco perplexed. Then she pulled her ears back and looked at him suspiciously. What is your problem he wanted to know, as if she were to become the cause of the ensuing discord. I think I understand why you think I will tire of this vacation. YOU want to go home and I know why. You miss going on our weekly outing to the dog park where you love to smell the butt of that Great Dane Jennifer. You do it every Thursday. Look at it this way. If we stay you'll only miss a week. One sniffless week won't kill you, she said. But,but, but Bosco stammered. What said Riley now definitely annoyed. Jennifer is going away next week for three weeks. I won't get to sniff her butt for three weeks!

So much for Riley's vacation.

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