Monday, July 5, 2010

Riley's paper preoccupation

Riley asked if Arizona Senate Bill 1070 also applies to dogs. She wondered if she needs papers. Bosco told her that she's confused. The dogs who need papers are pure breeds to prove that they're pure breeds. She wanted to know what a pure breed is. Bosco explained that it's a dog that has papers issued by the American Kennel Club. Riley said she wanted those papers. Bosco told her that there was no way the kennel club would give her papers. Riley demanded to know why. Bosco explained that her mom and dad would have to have had those papers, meaning that there was no way she stands a chance of becoming a dog registered by the AKC. Riley thought a minute and then wanted to know what was so special about those dogs with papers. Bosco explained that there was nothing special about those dogs per se.They're dogs like any other dog. Humans just happen to make a lot of money when their papered dogs have sex so that they can make more of the same dogs. That way everyone knows their status. What status, Riley wanted to know. The status that the having these papers confers, Bosco said. Riley was adamant that she wanted those papers. Bosco told her that she will just have to do what other dogs without papers do. She'll have to get a lawyer and pay him a lot of money to try to convince the AKC authorities to give her papers. What's the big deal anyhow, Bosco said. Nobody will know that she doesn't have papers unless she tells them. But on the other hand, he said, you don't look like a pure breed. Not to worry though, he added. Sheriff Arpaio likes dogs (except maybe not Chihuahuas) so he won't be asking to see your papers anytime soon.

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