Thursday, July 1, 2010

Chuckle Chuckle, Sad, Sad

Hearing noises, I looked at Bosco and Riley. There they sat chuckling. "What?" I asked. Bosco said there was finally something amusing to emerge from the BP oil catastrophe. The lawyers who had counted on making a tidy sum for their firms and themselves by suing BP have been dropped by their clients who will now be paid by BP's $20 billion compensation fund. Sarcastically, Bosco suggested that these lawyers might want to sue BP for interfering in the financial recovery of the U.S. I looked each at Bosco perplexed. The lawyers can claim that they will suffer a financial loss of millions of dollars which they clearly would have spent on luxury items which would have helped boost the economy leading to a quicker financial recovery for the country, he said.

Riley looked at us thoughtfully. Who will sue on behalf of all the sea creatures who are dying and whose homes have been destroyed, she asked.

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