Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dog claims that the human species suffers from attention deficit disorder

This morning Bosco, using his voice of canine authority, informed me that humans, unlike other species in the animal kingdom, suffer from ADD. I was taken aback by his statement. I asked what made him say that. He began by asking me if I had ever watched a dog who loves retrieving balls. If someone throws them a ball they focus on the ball, he said. They will continue to retrieve it until it is no longer thrown. Hunting dogs will hunt for the fox until they find it. As you well know, he added, I will dig until I've found the gopher in the hole. If I lose the scent I will quickly look for the hole that has the scent. As far as I'm concerned, I could do this all day. When I'm digging, nothing else matters enough to distract me. You are the one who loses patience and pulls me away telling me it's time to go home. I admitted that there was truth to what he said. You humans, on the other hand, are easily distracted. As a result, you lose sight of what is important. Take for example the latest brouhaha about illegal immigration. Suddenly, illegal immigrants are responsible for draining the economy and crime. Listen to everyone talk about how illegal immigrants get free health care and education at the expense of those who are here legally. To hear them talk you would think that it would pay for all Americans to renounce their citizenship. Then there's crime. Illegal immigrants are responsible for it too. The safety of Americans is at risk because of all the housekeepers and gardeners coming across the border illegally. What does this have to do with human ADD? I asked. If my memory serves me right, he said, it wasn't too long ago that this country began it's rapid descent into recession. Everyone was talking about greedy bankers, investors, and Wall Street honchos who, in large part were responsible for the present depression. Paying for the health care and education of a few illegal is small change compared to what the richest of the rich have done to this country and the well-being of it's citizens. When was the last time you heard anyone talk about these big time crimes or the $700 billion dollars Americans are paying to try to keep this country afloat? Instead, the big news is that a five year old child, whose parents are here illegally, is going to kindergarten. That my dear, he said, is why I say humans have

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