Friday, July 2, 2010

Doing whatever it takes

What is it with you Jews, Bosco asked me. What do you mean, I asked. He explained: Take for example the demonstrations in Israel for the release of Gilad Shalit. Hamas kidnapped him and has kept him hidden for four years now. Who do the Jews pressure? Hamas? Of course not. The Israeli government? Of course! They DEMAND that the government do whatever is necessary to secure the release of Shalit even though the government has absolutely no control over the matter. What would you suggest they do, I queried. I suggest they take a page from the Palestinian playbook, he answered. What do you mean, I asked. He explained: The flotillas have managed to put Israel in an awkward position, through so-called peaceful means. World opinion has come down hard on Israel because of them. Why don't the thousands of Jews who are pressuring the Israeli government pressure Hamas instead? How can they do that, I asked. The Jews should peacefully march into Gaza and demand the release of Shalit, he answered. They should refuse to leave until he is released. Don't you think they would be risking their lives, I asked. He answered: If Hamas harmed innocent civilians, world opinion would turn against them. The murder of innocent people would be front page news as would Shalit's imprisonment. They would show themselves for what they are----murderers out to kill innocent Jews. Or they could release Shalit. That would of course be a PR coup for Hamas. A win-win result for all involved. Shalit could go home and the rest of the world could continue their love affair of the Palestinians.

The more I thought about Bosco's analysis and idea the more sense it made.

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