Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Can't have the rabbit and eat the treat too

Riley loves her dismembered toy rabbit. Although she no longer sleeps with it, she still likes to play catch with it or just have it nearby. Today she tried to get her jerky treat off of the floor and into her mouth while holding the rabbit in her mouth at the same time. This turned out to be an impossible feat. She could not grab hold of the jerky while holding rabbit. But dropping rabbit to get the jerky was, for some unfathomable reason, not an option for her today. So there she stood, rabbit in mouth repeatly trying to pick up the jerky but only succeeding in covering it with dog drool. Bosco had by now finished his jerky and stood watching Riley's struggle with anticipation. Could it be that that she would give up? Knowing Riley and her love for food made that an unlikely possibility. Surprisingly and totally unexpectedly she held onto the rabbit and walked away from the jerky! Bosco quickly made his move towards for the jerky.

How is it possible that Riley was ready to keep holding onto rabbit and give up on a treat? Riley has just returned home from a vacation without rabbit. Could it be that she had missed rabbit and didn't want to let her go? Only Riley knows for sure. That's for sure.

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