Saturday, August 14, 2010

Does this game have a name?

This morning Bosco flollowed me into the kitchen as usual. As I was getting my breakfast ready he did something unusual----he began licking his empty food bowl. As he continued licking his bowl it dawned on me that they hadn't yet eaten breakfast. Was this a dog hint?

I filled their bowls and put them in their usual places---Bosco's in the kitchen by the laundry room door and Riley's in the laundry room next to the door. Bosco got to his food bowl before Riley. He placed himself in front of it, his body blocking the entrance to the laundry room. He stared at his food then looked at Riley. He began to eat as Riley approached. As Riley stood behind and to the side of him, he took a morsel and spit it out a few inches from his bowl, close enough to him so that Riley wouldn't dare try to get it. Riley stood there, apprehensive about trying to maneuver between Bosco and the wall in order to get to her food. She began to whine. Bosco remained unmoved emotionally and physically. Ever so slowly and cautiously Riley eased her body between Bosco and the wall. Bosco did not react. He allowed her to pass. As soon as she began eating, Bosco stopped eating, left his bowl nearly full and came over to sit next to me as I ate.