Friday, August 13, 2010

It's a Bosco kind of a life

Complaints have recently been expressed by followers of this blog that Bosco does not get as much attention as Riley in pictures and posts. I cannot disagree with these fans. However, a bit of explanation may help clarify why.

Bosco is a thirteen year old dog who has been around the block a few times, figuratively and literally. There is not much that surprises or intrigues him anymore. He knows what each day is like and is quite content with no surprises like seeing luggage come out of the closet or a strange dog entering the house.

Bosco's daily routine is well set. He gets up with the mistress of the house and no one else. He waits for her to brush her teeth and then follows her into the kitchen. He waits for her to take her pills and then follows her into the laundry room where his treats are stored. He gets his treat and rawhide chew. He waits for his mistress to head back to the bedroom and he follows her there. He chews the rawhide while she does her stretching exercises. He knows that Riley will finish her rawhide before him because he take his time while Riley feverishly chews hers. He knows that once Riley is done she will want his rawhide. After chewing a bit he stops and starts licking himself. When he sees that Riley has finished her rawhide, he stops licking and nonchalantly walks into the hallway as if teasing Riley with his unguarded chewy. He waits ten seconds, walks back into the room, looks at Riley and then his chewy. He sits down next his rawhide chewy again but is done chewing it. When his mistress is done with her stretching exercises he follows her into the kitchen. As long as she is home, Bosco will spend the rest of the day following her around the house wherever she goes. He is her dedicated entourage. At about five in the evening, Bosco leaves the side of his mistress to do guard duty. He sits on the back patio waiting for the neighborhood dogs to pass by on their daily walks. This is the time of day when he uses the most energy. The mere hint of a human or dog walking past his territory is enough to send him zooming to the side gate barking urgently. If someone dares to walk along the perimeter wall, he runs back and forth along the wall barking feverishly. He also has to make sure Riley does not interfere with his movements. If she does, he has to angrily bark at her indicating, BACK OFF.

After guard duty, it is time for dinner. He eats his meal and then hangs out at the kitchen table. If he smells something good he goes into schnorer mode, barking and whining for scraps. He hangs around his mistress until it is time for a walk. After the walk he goes to the laundry room where he'll get another a treat. He waits patiently for his mistress to go to the bedroom, at which time he will wait until she is done with her shower. He comes into the bathroom when he knows she turns off the water. He waits until she opens the shower door and he walks into the shower to lap up the water on the shower floor. When he is done lapping he goes into the bedroom and lies down either at the foot if the bed or the threshold of the bathroom-bedroom door. This is Bosco's daily routine. If his mistress should forgot to do the expected, he stares at her as if to say, "Didn't you forget something?" Oh yes Bosco, you're right. I forgot to give you a treat.

Now you understand why Riley gets most of the blog attention. Bosco knows what it's all about and Riley....well Riley is

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