Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's not all in the name. Sometimes it's all in the letter.

OMG said Riley, startling Bosco out of his relaxed position on the sofa. What now Bosco asked. Barkley, that humongous Sesame Street dog has been caught sending money to Iran, Cuba and other countries with crazy dictators, Riley informed him. Investigators found letters he wrote trying to hide what he did. How can that be, Bosco wondered aloud. You're right, she answered. It says here that he wasn't allowed to send them money because those countries are sanctioned, she continued. This made absolutely no sense to Bosco. A dog sending money to countries, and a fake dog at that, did not sound right to him. Bosco asked Riley from where she got that information. It's on the front page of today's Wall Street Journal she said as she showed it to him. Bosco looked at the letters in bold. That's not Barkley the dog! That's the British bank Barklay. See the "a," he said as he pointed to the name. Barkley spells his name BarklEy, not BarklAy, he informed her with apparent irritation in his voice. Next time pay attention to the letters, he scolded. It's all in the letters!

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