Wednesday, June 16, 2010

rules of engagement

Bosco and I were walking down the hallway the other when suddenly we heard Riley running towards us from the kitchen. She rounded the corner from the famiiy room into the den, saw us and began to quickly put on the brakes. Putting on the brakes meant she hunkered down onto her hind legs and slid towards us. Then the front legs went into first gear which sent her into a rapid four-legged scramble towards Bosco. Bosco, sensing a collision, began to growl, got his rear legs in gear and headed head first into Riley, causing her to flip and Bosco to slide sideways along the floor and then into a four-legged scramble to regain an upright position. Assuming this was romp time with Bosco, Riley made a swift upright recovery and raced her way back to Bosco. Using her playful growl, she bounced her way around Bosco trying to engage him. Bosco plopped himself down on the rug. Poor Riley.

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