Thursday, June 17, 2010

Black and nonblack

Here we go. More proof that hatred spreads like the BP uncorked spigot in the Gulf of Mexico, defiling everything in its path. It's not that this household doesn't have enough issues to contend with. Now we have discord based on color.

It started when Bosco found out that religious light skinned Ashkenazim in Israel refuse to allow their their daughters to mix with religious darker skinned Sephardic females in school. Now Bosco is refusing to stay in the same room with Riley because of the color of her fur. When she tries to enter the room he is in, he gives her his warning growl, which causes her to quickly retreat.

We told Bosco that his behavior only demeans him and that there is no place for bigotry in this house. Bosco understood and apologized to Riley. Unfortunately, the religious Ashkenazi Jews haven't demonstrated the emotional or intellectual capacity that our Bosco has.

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