Friday, June 18, 2010

Canine flotilla

With all the news about the blockade in the Gaza Strip, Bosco has decided it is time to bring attention to the plight of dogs over there. His sources in in Gaza have told him that Hamas is withholding the necessary supply of food to keep it's canine population fed. Hamas is, of course denying this since attention to the plight of dogs would diminish the perception that animal rights lovers around the world have of Hamas.

I asked Bosco if he has a game plan. He said he is sure he can get the immediate support of PETA and Mairead Corrigan, the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. He envisions ships laden with dog food, biscuits and rawhide chews protected by Ms. Corrigan and PETA. I told him that I understand why PETA would want to get involved, but why Corrigan? He was looking at me as if to say don't you know anything, when Riley chirped in with, "She fights for the underdog. Get it, underDOG."

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