Monday, June 21, 2010

Good versus evil

Bosco could not help but notice that some really bad acts were being done by people who were religious. That observation got him to contemplating good versus evil, God versus the devil. He began to wonder if perhaps the devil had created religious fanatics to trick the rest of humanity. What do you mean I asked him. Take for instance Muslim terrorists, he offered. They keep talking about how they are killing people all over the world for God. It looks to me like that is exactly what the devil would have them do if he had control. Look at the uber religious Ashkenazi Jews in Israel. They refuse to allow their daughters to be in the same class with Sephardic girls. That sounds to me to be the kind of bigotry the devil would would teach in his religious school. Look at all those celibate priests who molested children. Their superiors just moved them to different churches. Who but the devil could think of such an ingenious way to spread evil? Then look at the not so religious humans. Muslim, Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, Hindu, Buddhist. They may not like what the fanatics are doing to hijack their religions, but they tolerate it. They turn a blind eye. Now if that is not the devil's work what is it?

Riley looked up and asked, will it be okay for me to kill one of rabbits In the neighborhood if I say that God told me to do it?

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